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The Saudi Oil Company warned all employees of the dangerous consequences

Aramco employees have been asked not to share photos of any oil installations or under-construction project on social media.

Security has been alerted to all sensitive installations across the state following drone and missile attacks on Saudi oil installations a few days ago. While Aramco warns all its employees not to send photos or video clips of any of Aramco’s oil installations or under construction projects to their relatives or acquaintances on social media.
Because they can go viral, subtle elements can benefit. According to Aramco, if an employee is working on any installation or project site, he should not make any depiction of the location of this duty and send it to anyone and not tell anyone about it via text message. Because doing so will allow the details and location of sensitive installations to be exploited by miscreants who can take advantage of this and try to target oil installations again.
The Aramco administration has warned that if an employee violates this directive. So severe action will be taken against it. That could lead to the dismissal of the job, as well as legal action. It is worth noting that the drone and cruise missile attacks in Abiak and Khursh caused irreparable damage to the Saudi economy. And the daily oil delivery globally was also severely affected, which Saudi authorities are working day and night to restore.

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