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Smartphones will disappear in the future

Smartphones will disappear in the future

The technology is about to change the name. In the beginning, the TVs used to be heavy, but now so smart that not only pencils but many months of travel covered a few hours and the human population on the moon and Mars. The task of making workshops a global village is possible on the technology bill.
Scientists are making some claims these days. Facebook has also hinted at something new. Facebook is working on smart glasses that will gradually replace smartphones. The smart glasses code, equipped with Facebook’s Augmented Reality technology, has been named semi-Orion, which wears a graphic in front of the consumer’s eyes. The display will come in while the user is able to make calls, live stream and Facebook Power AI can do more with its position.

The project has been working on Facebook’s Reality Lab in Washington for years, and the company plans to introduce it from 2023 to 2025. This is not the first time Facebook has announced plans to eliminate smartphones. In April 2017, Michael Abrash, chief scientist at Facebook company Oculus Research, claimed that within 5 years, AR-based glasses would replace smartphones and become an everyday computing device.
They said that these fountains, equipped with future technology, would be similar to today’s ordinary fountains, which would lose weight, but they would be able to increase wearer’s memory, translate foreign languages, communicate around sounds or sounds. In addition to preventing them from going into the ears, they will also tell you about the baby’s body temperature at a glance. Otherwise, they will be super glasses that will not require smartphones after wearing them.
If you have a computer in your eye, it will eliminate the need for not just TVs, but smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, fitness trackers or similar devices. Likewise, in 2016, senior Facebook executive David Marks said They also stated their intention to eliminate the phone number. They say that because of the growing popularity of messenger, phone numbers are now being counted. See how long Facebook experts claim this has become a reality.

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