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A faithful dog who has waited for the owner for 4 years and has been waiting in the same place for not one but two owners

There is a lot of news coming out regarding loyal pets. But the story we’re telling you is very happy.
In Thailand, a lost dog stood in the same place waiting for its owner. With the help of social media, this dog has been found by his owner.
For the past 4 years, a stray dog ??named Liu has been standing at the intersection of the Thai city of Khon Kaen.
Last month, a Facebook user uploaded a picture of Leo to Facebook and told him that the dog was sitting in the same place every day as he was waiting for someone. Users first realized that someone had abandoned the dog. But it seemed healthy enough to look at the dog while the health of the abandoned dogs becomes quite weak. Later I learned that a woman brings food and water to her dog every day, His health is good.

One day a photographer found the woman. The woman said that when she first saw the dog several years ago, it was made of bone structure. The 45-year-old woman said that she was still sitting at the same place. With food and attention, it came back healthy. One day when she came home, Liu had left home.
When it was discovered, it was in its old place. This made the Sawlak realize that Leo was waiting for someone sitting there. From then on, the Sawlaok carried water and food for Leo.
Liu’s story soon went viral on social media. Only her photos were shared hundreds of times on Facebook. Soon the photos reached Leo’s original owner.

64-year-old Nang Noi Sitsisam hails from Roi Et Province in Thailand. Nang Noi’s daughter survived a heart attack when she showed him the picture of her pet puppy Bon Bon. The husband went to see his daughter in the city of Khon Kaine. While placing a signal on the back, BonBon jumped out of the vehicle and did not even know his owner.
When they stopped at the gas station, they found out that Bon Bon had gone. Khatun and her husband returned, but they did not see Bon Bon. On September 6, when they saw Leo’s pictures, they immediately recognized that it was Bon Bon. When they found out that Bon Bon had been waiting for them for years, their heart melted too.
When Nang Noi and his daughter approached Bon Bon in the car, the dog was shocked to see his former mistress but he was hesitant to go with them.
Nang Noi realizes that Bon Bon has become acquainted with his new mistress, who cares about her illness. Nang Noi didn’t force him to accompany her, but they let him stay with Sasolok. Now both mother and daughter periodically visit to see her.
The story of Liu / Bon Bon has melted the hearts of millions of social media users and this story has gone viral all over the world.

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