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The 24-year-old married an 81-year-old woman to avoid military service

The 24-year-old married an 81-year-old woman to avoid military service

A young man from Ukraine successfully got rid of compulsory military service. The young man married a 57-year-old woman to do so. It’s been two years since the marriage. The marriage has been widely criticized on the Internet, but the law is with the young man.
At the end of 2017, Alexander Kondratyuk, who was from the Ukrainian city of Vanitsa, received orders to recruit troops.

He was asked to report to a nearby consulate (military center), where he was recruited for a year. All eligible people in the age group of 18 to 26 years must provide one year of compulsory military service. This excludes only people with disabilities or those with a disabled wife.

That’s why Alexander persuaded his cousin’s 81-year-old disabled grandmother to become his bride.

Now the couple has been married for two years. After 2 years of age, Alexander will not be required to perform military service at the age of 26. He may divorce his 83-year-old wife by then.
The news of this strange wedding went viral in early 2018. The commission filed a legal complaint against 22-year-old Alexander and his wife Zinaida, 57 years old.
The comedian hoped that they would cancel the fake marriage. However, research has shown that the couple has a regular wedding in a nearby village. The marriage registration office also confirmed that Alexander had a regular wedding. Ukrainian media regularly raised the case in front of military officials about what they would do in this particular situation. Military officials say legal papers According to Alexander, the husband of a disabled wife, he has the right not to perform forced military service.

On the other hand, 24-year-old Alexander has consistently denied that he married this marriage to avoid forced recruitment. He says he is too emotional for his wife. Alexander’s wife also told newspaper reporters. That their husband is very good and cares for them very much.
The old lady’s neighbors told newspaper reporters that the marriage was a complete forgery.

More than Alexander, the lady’s nephew, and grandson come here, he said. According to neighbors, the only proof of their marriage is a marriage certificate.
The Ukrainian consulate says he will no longer work on the case because he is exempt from military recruitment for three more years as a disabled wife.

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