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The female survivor survived the fish, even after half its body was decomposed

A Facebook post has recently gone viral. In this post, a lady from Thailand shares photos of her pet goldfish. Surprisingly the photos do not contain the back of the fish body. The woman claimed that the back of her body was partially cut off, but her fatigue has saved her life.
In a Facebook post that received millions of likes, Kanya Tanyuwatkal wrote that six months ago he had lost his pet’s goldfish.

After that, the tail of the fish was decomposed and separated from the body. After that, the flesh of the fish began to decompose and its bones began to appear. Kanya made a few photos of the fish in the aquarium and showed a salesman a fish and asked for pet food for his pet.

The person selling the fish said that the chances of survival of this fish are very low, so Kanya should throw it away and buy new pet fish.

Kenya did not give up. They bought some medicines and in the next six months developed a fish-like condition that restored their health.
On September 12, it was 6 months after giving them medicines and changing the water. On that day they shared photos of the fish. Not only did the fish recover, but the back of her body started to grow. When you look at the earlier pictures of the fish, it seems a miracle.

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