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This 96-year-old woman is Asia’s oldest fashion model

The career of most fashion models ends at the age of 30 to 35, but 96-year-old Alice Peng started her career 3 years ago at the age of 93. That is, their fashion career has just begun.
Alice, a resident of Hong Kong, plays a key role in launching her fashion career. His granddaughter saw an advertisement for fashion models over 65, in response to which he sent photos of his grandmother.

The advertising agency selected Ellis for a photoshoot. Although Ellis didn’t know anything about modeling, he still did modeling best because of his natural abilities. Today they are known as the best and oldest models in Asia.

Alice was born in 1923. He never dreamed of becoming a fashion model but at this age, he is more popular than many models.

Amazingly, Alice does not understand exercise and good diet because of her health and beauty.
While Ellis’ modeling is appreciated by many, there are some who criticize him. They say Alice should dress according to her age. Ellis ignores those who criticize themselves. They say personal happiness is important to them.

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